Principal Advisors

Principal Advisors

Having recognized a need for a more comprehensive investment into Calgary's high school students in the field of the health sciences, Nikita Srivalsan and Rohan Kumar combined forces in the fall of 2015 to create the Calgary branch of Project Pulse. Since moving onto post-secondary opportunities, Nikita and Rohan have served as Principal Advisors for successive executive teams, serving as liaisons between the national board and Calgary.

Nikita Srivalsan

A student in the UBC Engineering Pre-Med Alternative Path program, Nikita is passionate about crafting unique learning experiences and accelerating students on the path towards their goal. As an engineer, she aims to bridge the gap between medicine and the physical sciences. When she's not at the lab or volunteering, Nikita is dancing, playing sports or spending time with her family. For Nikita, success is when your passions meet the needs of the world. Through Zenith 2017, she hopes to bring the attendees one step closer to their successes.

Rohan Kumar

Rohan Kumar is a first year ECE student at the University of Waterloo. He balances his academics and extracurricular by being an involved member in the community, partaking in competitive sports, music, speech and peer tutoring. Rohan continues to show involvement in the community through participation in Robotics. Rohan’s passion for the field of medicine sparked when he was diagnosed with a heart ailment, and Rohan is looking forward to another successful conference for 2017.