Professional Panel

Professional Panel

Dr. Scott Forsyth

Scott Forsyth is a professional photographer specializing in Canadian landscape scenery. Devoted to exploring Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Arctic Ocean coastlines, Scott has embarked on a lifelong photographic journey to depict the vastness and beauty of the Canadian landscape. On the basis of this photographic quest, he is a Fellow of both the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and The Explorer’s Club. As a photographer Scott has twice earned the distinction of Photographic Artist of the Year - Alberta, from the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). His photographs from Adventure Canada and Maple Leaf Adventures excursions have been published on the cover of Canadian Geographic, and in Canadian Geographic’s Atlas of Canada, in addition to numerous magazines, books, and calendars. His first Photography Book, featuring the Canadian Coastlines, will be published in the autumn of 2019. Scott’s photography can be viewed at On land, Scott works as a both a professional photographer and as a family physician in Calgary Alberta, where he lives with his wife and daughter. He is involved in a variety of professional activities such as being a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner for the Ministry of Transport, Clinical Lecturer for the Department of Family Medicine (University of Calgary), and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network; a healthcare corporation partnered with the provincial government to manage 150 primary care medical clinics consisting of 500 family physician members located in southwest Calgary.

Michael Purdy

Michael currently works at Orpyx Medical Technologies, a Calgary-based biotech company that develops wearable sensor-based technologies for sensory substitution and big data collection. Michael has extensive research experience, having worked in MEMS and neuroscience labs during internships, his undergraduate degree and throughout his MSc thesis. Michael has a BSc. In Electrical Engineering and a MSc. In Biomedical Engineering, both from the University of Calgary.

Stuart Brideaux

A returning panelist, Stuart Brideaux has served as a paramedic for eighteen years. He has successfully completed SAIT’s EMR, EMT and paramedic programs. While he provides public communication on behalf of EMS, he also acts as part of the Paramedic Response Unit (PRU). Stuart also has a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Calgary, and plays in the Calgary Civic Symphony.