Have questions about cutting-edge medical technology? Come hear from Robert Newton at Prism'18!

Robert Newton is a software developer working on medical imaging products for Arterys, a San Francisco cloud based medical imaging startup. Arterys products currently include tools that assist with the diagnosis of heart disease and tools for the diagnosis and tracking of lung and liver cancer. Prior to working for Arterys, Robert worked for Calgary Scientific, another medical imaging software company. He has a degree in Physics, a degree in Computer Engineering and a masters in Electrical Engineering. Robert taught physics and mathematics at a college in BC for a couple of years before becoming interested in computing science.

Robert has now worked in medical imaging for over 10 years and it has become his favourite area of computing science. By its nature the work entails solving many complex problems that are very interesting purely from a computing standpoint. At the same time it provides the satisfaction associated with developing tools that can save people’s lives. When developing medical imaging software, Robert enjoys being exposed to many interesting and cutting edge details of modern medical diagnosis and treatment. Robert particularly enjoys working with mathematical algorithms that produce clinically relevant measurements from medical imaging data. He also enjoys incorporating artificial intelligence into medical imaging software in order to automate many time consuming and repetitive radiological tasks, while at the same time working to improve the quality and consistency of medical diagnosis.