Introducing our final university panelist, Romani Lalani!

Romani is in her second/third year of Civil Engineering at the University of Alberta, but she actually started off her post-secondary career here at the University of Calgary in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program! She quickly realized the degree wasn’t the right fit for her, and decided to make the leap into a degree she felt she fit more into. Despite everything, she hasn’t let go of her passion for learning in the field of Health Sciences; Romani is a Student Researcher at the SEED Lab at the University of Alberta where she is aiding in the engineering of a universal and reusable virus deactivation system for the better control of respiratory disease transmission. Romani is so excited to be a part of Prism ‘18, and help other students realize that change is okay, and that life isn’t defined by the degree you do- you have the opportunity to shape your career and passion based on what you want. There are many ways of pursuing your passion, and you’re not by any means limited by what you decide to pursue in school.