SU President, Sagar Grewal, will be on our university panel!

Sagar Grewal attends the University of Calgary, where he is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biomechanics. He was recently appointed as a member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council; a non-partisan advisory council for the Prime Minister and Government of Canada. Sagar serves and represents his fellow students as a member of the University of Calgary Board of Governors and as the President of the University of Calgary Students’ Union. Previously, as the Faculty Representative of Kinesiology, Sagar successfully advocated for free academic support, and raised nearly one million dollars to create new student study spaces and barrier-free change rooms, to foster inclusivity on campus. His passion for mental health awareness led to Sagar receiving grants to improve resource accessibility, to contribute towards building a resilient campus community. As a strong proponent of healthy participation in sport, Sagar works at the Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre on studies supported by the International Olympic Committee and the National Basketball Association, to help keep youth healthy and active.