Last but not least: Professional Panelist and Advanced Care Paramedic, Trey Elkins!

Trey’s interest in health care started at a young age. His mom is a nurse and has always worked in the emergency room. As soon as he was old enough to know what she did for a living, he admired her for it. In his childhood, he was certain that he wanted to be a nurse when I grew up.

He’s also a childhood cancer survivor. His time in the hospital as a young teen provoked some deeper thought; he needed a job where he could help people and come and go to the hospital as he pleased. By fall of his graduating year of high school, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. Only later I would learn all of the opportunities that studying paramedicine would bring. Now he’s 25 years old and an Advanced Care Paramedic working for Alberta’s air ambulance program. The career brings a lot of gratification and it provides him with a comfortable living that he was also surprised by.